Sunday, August 27, 2006

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Rescue Me - Comedy Short

If you are or are not yet a fan of Dennis Leary's series on FX, there's a fantastic comedy short availabile for free on What's great about this short is that it doesn't require you to know the plotline because it's a comedy short that doesn't stick to the ongoing storyline. Go to

Saturday, August 05, 2006


It is bad enough that every single site on the net makes me register with a new username and password, but the rules that sites implement to "preserve security" are downright ridiculous.

Some sites require 5 or more characters for your password, while others require 8 or more. Some sites require that you include a special character and some give you the option while others prohibit special characters altogether. Some sites say you can't have any numbers, while others require them. Some sites say you need at least one capital letter, some give you the option while others are case sensitive, others require all lower case letters and a few require all uppercase letters. A few sites will not let your password include any known English words. I came across a new password rule today that I haven't seen before: no repeating characters.

The worst part is that even if I were to pick a completely random set of characters and commit it to memory, I still would have to remember at least fifteen different passwords--not to mention the different usernames, which have their own ridiculous conventions.
To add to the frustration, if I forget a username or a password and attempt to log in, a few sites will freeze my account. Verizon Wireless's online site is very frustrating in this respect. It not only freezes my account and forces me to call in and have my password reset, I can't change my password back to what I want because it was "orignally a password on this account." So, now I'm forced to come up with some new password that fits their ridiculous rules.
Down with the password Nazis!