Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Change Your Homepage, A Little

My guess is that most of you have Google listed as your homepage. Well, I finally found something better than Google as my homepage. Fortunately it is still made by Google.

Google has a beta release (still experimental) called "Google Suggest" which I think is absolutely brilliant. It looks just like Google, but when you type something in the search field, it will automatically start brining up results as you type letter-by-letter. It's like auto-complete for web-searching.

Google's "Suggest Beta" Feature Posted by Hello

So, as you can see above, I typed "guided b" and it suggested "Guided By Voices," which is a band everyone should listen to. Along with a list of suggestions, Google Suggest also lists how many results it has for each listing. This works very fast, so there is hardly any lag unless you are on dialup.

To change your homepage to Google Suggest, enter in the following URL in your internet options:

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