Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Get 100 Free MP3's After You Eat

You know you're going to be sitting around doing nothing after you stuff yourselves. While you're sitting there, sign up for eMusic's free month long trial of their download service. All you do is enter in your information (plus credit card info) and you get 100 free downloads. Your credit card is not billed until after one month if you decide to stay a member.

The downloads are in MP3 format, which are not copyprotected. The service is very intuitive. It is web-based, so there are no bulky programs you need to install first. The files are downloaded to your folder of choice, are named intelligently, and are fully tagged. Because they are in MP3 format, they will also run on your portable players and you can burn them for the ride back home without running afoul of any hidden restrictions.

Try out the service, just make sure you cancel within 30 days if you don't like it, but keep the 100 songs. To sign up navigate to the following site: If you just go to the normal homepage, you will only get 50 free downloads.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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