Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Subscription Time

It's that time of the year again. Time to renew or ditch magazine subscriptions. I currently receive the following magazines:
39.95 / year - ESPN The Magazine (as part of my ESPN Insider Account)
0.00 / year - PC World (gift subscription)
0.00 / year - Computer Shopper (gift subscription)
10.00 / WIRED
I'm planning on ditching PC world and the Computer Shopper because virtually all of their content is availalbe for free online. I mean I was happy to get them free for a year as a gift subscritpion, but paying for them is a whole other ballgame.
I've already renewed my ESPN Insider Account--well, ESPN renewed it automatically for me--so that's settled. But, I'm debating whether I want to keep my WIRED subscription. I am not terribly thrilled about WIRED's website, and the magazine has very good production values. The stories are very interesting and it's one of the few magazines I can actually read cover to cover.
There is, however, a growing list of other magazines I want to get. They include:
The Economist []
Adbusters []
The New Yorker []
Fortune []
I'm leaning towards getting an academic subscription to the Economist for 77.00 bucks, which is pricey, but seems well worth the wealth of well-reasoned commentary I am getting (not to mention online access). I think Fortune is probably the weakest link of the pack, and I never seem to have enough time to get into the New Yorker. That leaves the grossly underrated culturejammer's magazine, Adbusters. I wonder if it's exorbitantly high price (35.00 for 6 issus a year) is because it is TOO trendy, but the magazine is so damn cool.
Is there any subscription of these four I should get? Are there any magazines or sites that I am overlooking?


Anonymous said...

I think Adbusters is so expensive because of the high production values (it's super glossy like a design mag, right?) and it's circulation is relatively low.

The Economist is awesome. $77 is a small price to pay to be so well informed.

Anonymous said...

I know you didn't mention any newspapers, but what about the Wall Street Journal and NY Times?

A.H. Rajani said...

I got the Economist and Adbusters. I might renew WIRED for 10 bucks at the end of the summer.