Sunday, June 18, 2006

Roadtrip: Half Moon Bay

So I went to Half Moon Bay with a partner at my firm and a group of summer associates. The event was pretty decent and unlike most of the other events like go-karting and nice dinners, so it was a welcome change. I liked the drive up Highway 1 so much that I went back again this morning.

I stopped at various points on the way there. It's really the first time in my life I've ever went on a road trip by myself and just aimlessly drove around snapping pictures. It was a delightful change from my normal routine of not going anywhere.
I must say that I've been pretty good about going out and doing stuff lately. Apart from firm events that are plentiful and varied, I've started hanging out more with my friend Willie, who will be my roommate this upcoming school year. It's a great friendship because both of our lives revolve around watching sports and movies and eating Indian/Pakistani food.
Some more pictures to come soon.

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Ooooo! Stunning!