Friday, December 08, 2006

Adobe Acrobat 8 Troubleshooting

According to Adobe's technical support website, those of us experiencing application freezes and instability may try this "Advanced Troubleshooting" suggestion:

Reformat the hard disk, and reinstall only Windows and Acrobat.

Are you kidding me?


Anonymous said...

If you're just using the Reader, try Foxit Reader. It's free and it uses way less overhead than Acrobat. It's a little funny with advanced features, but for viewing PDFs it's great. And it's nice to have instant start-up instead of waiting for all those stupid Acrobat plug-ins to load every time.

A.H. Rajani said...

thanks for the tip; i'll be sure to try it out, though I'll probably still need to keep acrobat around. i use the professional version to create pdf forms and review documents.

Anonymous said...

For writing PDFs, there are also a couple decent free programs. I've been using PDF Creator:

Looks like you've already bought Acrobat, so no sense in going with the less-proven stuff. But nice to know there are alternatives. And the system resources that Acrobat takes up is inexcusable.

A.H. Rajani said...

i actually just installed a new add-on for Office 2007 that lets you 'save as XPS or PDF.' this add on is released by Microsoft and is insanely fast with fairly decent quality conversions.