Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Top 10 Careers That Are Not "The Law"

As my "long weekend" comes to a close, I recall that I've been proofreading and editing legal writing for approximately 15 hours a day since Thursday. It is natural to wonder if I'd have been better off being overworked and grizzled in another field altogether.

And as I watch and listen to TV and radio interviews and read the news, I am reminded about our infinite world of opportunity in which individuals flourish. I keep thinking to myself, "Man, I think I'd be great at that job." I've said it to myself enough times that a list has been brewing in my head for quite some time. In fact, some of these things were options I was seriously considering during college.

  1. Film Director
  2. Freelance Journalist (world news and culture)
  3. Movie Critic
  4. Journalist (technology and consumer electronics)
  5. IT Specialist
  6. Literary Critic (fiction and short stories)
  7. Digital Graphics (non-animation)
  8. Industrial Design / Architecture (non-residential)
  9. Homicide Detective / Forensics
  10. Novelist


Anonymous said...

You can still pursue those dreams. You'll just be the aspiring novelist with $150K of debt.

Here's an idea for your first non-fiction effort: "1L: the Untold Story of Survival at a Mildly Competitive Sometimes-Top 10 Law School." Eat that, Turow.

Anonymous said...

No surprises--all occupations make sense to me in light of what I know about you, except one: homicide detective/forensics? Interesting!

Well, maybe one more: industrial design/architecture. Does this particular musing mean you're having second thoughts about your career choice? Of course, you could always do these things on the side (esp. novelist).

A.H. Rajani said...

actually, i'm feeling quite good about practicing soon. what used to make me feel quite nervous and anxious (being in a courtroom and arguing on the fly) seems to spark more and more curiousity as time goes on. so i actually feel good about learning a whole bunch of things in a really short period of time.

to be honest that's the reason i chose the law. it was probably the only field that i could think of that intimidated me b/c it was very difficult.

but you know in the end i'll always keep a number of other interests on the side, but i can't help but think once in awhile where my life would be right now if i had chosen differently.

Chris said...

11. goddamn crocodile. 300 is nothing.

A.H. Rajani said...

well played, chris. you're the equivalent of a guest on a late night television show who references a joke made during the monologue.

it's always great to know somebody is listening.