Monday, April 30, 2007

10 Movie Plotlines You Need to Boycott

  1. My car was stolen, but my baby was in the back seat!
  2. You mean you -- can see the future??
  3. A rag-tag bunch of underprivileged college students turn themselves into a successful sports team.
  4. There is this haunted house . . .
  5. Robots have enslaved humankind, sigh.
  6. Yes, it is same exact movie you just saw, just with Steve Carell this time.
  7. People are getting kicked in slow motion with generic alternative rock music playing in the background.
  8. A rag-tag bunch of neighborhood kids turn themselves into a successful sports team.
  9. There is this movie starring Diane Keaton . . .
  10. Sure martial arts is boring now, but now everyone can fly!


Chris said...

I was very pleased with bullet three, because that meant that the esteemed Mighty Duck franchise was safe from C&D inspired boycotts. The Ducks never went professional, after all.

But then you went there, dropping bullet eight on us. I don't even know where to go or what to say. I mean. Seriously? Not even MD3? Fuck that.


A.H. Rajani said...

you know i actually had a third one: "a rag-tag bunch of professional sports players turn themselves into a successful sports team" but i nixed it.

i also originally had all three of these sports ones in a row (you know, for increased comedic effect). But then i thought it's always better when you come back to the same punchline later on -- some artful misdirection. glad to see it paid off!

i'll give you some leeway on mighty ducks (the first one only), but that's the point. it's been done so many times over that it needs to be boycotted prospectively.