Monday, August 15, 2005

The Black Eyed Peas . . . Suck.

Every so often I come across a musical act that I am sure people will make fun of years from now. But very seldom does a group come along that is so unbelievably tacky that it mystifies me why people aren't already making fun of them. So, I figured I'd do a public service and get the ball rolling.

Can you say "Village People of the 21st century?"

Here we have two band members harassing a Best-Buy employee who is not only trying to commute home, but who is also apparently attempting to hold back laughter.

I'm speechless.


Anonymous said...

you've gone too far this time. if people were going to mock ANYONE, it would be the baha men?

where the FUCK are the baha men when you need them?

thats all i'm gonna say ; )

A.H. Rajani said...

I agree that the Baha Men (lately) stink. However, the Baha Men have been around since 1979 and from what I can tell, their "Who Let the Dogs Out" single encapsulated their painfully slow decline in musical talent. In addition, I believe they've had a number of different band members.

So, even if we just focus on the current demon incarnate of the Baha Men, I don't know anyone that took them seriously even from the first listen. On the other hand, the Black Eyed Peas seem--somehow--to be taken seriously for a split second, which puts them in a category by themselves.

Anonymous said...

i take them seriously,
i think they're grooovvvyyyyy

E-Beth said...

That weird one with the hair...ya know the long creepy hair and the chin that just won't quit? Yeah I have scary nightmares about him that involve curling irons and chains. I'm not going any farther because I don't want you to cry. I just wish Fergie would jiggle herself off a cliff and take the rest of the peas with her. [I really am just bitter I guess]