Sunday, December 18, 2005

P-Diddy on Skin Care

P-Diddy recently appeared on an infomercial for the (surprisingly effective) Proactiv skin care system. As usual, he offered eloquent commentary on the benefits of the product:

"It moisturizes my situation, and preserves my sexy."


Anonymous said...

Sure P. Diddy promotes Proactiv. What they don't tell you on the commercial is that P. Diddy promotes Proactive after a lucrative multi-million dollar contract that he received from them. I wonder if he even uses the stuff, or knows how to pronounce it. Anything to preserve the sexy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is an amazing quote. Stunning, really. Knock-my-socks-off amusing.

Making The Band 3 was a show I watched regularily, mostly for the Diddy-quote element. -- Because the P was getting between him and his adoring legions.

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