Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Freshly-Cut: Albums of the Month

(February 2006)

  1. The Black Keys / "The Big Come Up" (2002)
  2. The American Analog Set / "Know By Heart" (2001)
  3. Idaho / "Hearts of Palm" (2005)
  4. The Fall / "2g+2" (2005)
  5. Mazzy Star / "Among My Swan" (1996)


Anonymous said...

I've recently come across "A Grand Don't Come For Free" from The Streets. The group is actually a guy. He's from England, and the album is rap. But it's good. From start to finish, the album tells a story. There's a word for that, the story-telling on a disc, but I don't know anything about anything.

A.H. Rajani said...

i think it's two separate guys from england, but i forget. i remember listening to them the last year of undergrad.

their sound is rather jarring at first since it's british rap, but the cadence is soothing after awhile.

Mad.J.D. said...

Pretty sure the Streets is just one guy, Michael Skinner.

Glad to see you're going back through the Black Keys' catalog. Those guys are the real deal. You've got to check out Rubber Factory if you haven't yet. The track "The Lengths" is reminiscent of the Stones' Moonlight Mile, one of my all-time favorites.

A.H. Rajani said...

I stand corrected. i had no idea. it sounds like two completely different people rapping.