Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Instead of Studying for Finals I Have:

  1. Formatted and reinstalled my entire computer system
  2. Come up with a good class action against the banking industry (Link)
  3. Listened to five Dave Brubeck albums -- but payed attention to only three
  4. Completed two missions in "Call of Duty 2"
  5. Recovered from completing two missions in "Call of Duty 2"
  6. Watched Saving Private Ryan
  7. Caught up on saved episodes of Discovery Channel shows including, but not limited to: "Man v. Wild," "Mythbusters," and "American Chopper"
  8. NFL
  9. Watched History Channel at 3:00am and learned about volcanoes, the KKK, and Coast Guard ships designed to break up ice in the Great Lakes**
  10. Procrastinated by creating a list of 9 things I've done instead of studying for finals.

** These are separate documentaries, though I would be eager to watch a documentary that had all three subject matters.

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