Sunday, November 25, 2007

10 Real Facebook Applications That Force Me To Rethink Humanity

  1. Friends For Sale!
    By Alexander Le and Siqi Chen
    Buy and sell your friends as pets! You can make your pets poke, send gifts, or just show off for you. Make money as a shrewd pets investor or as a hot commodity! Friends for Sale is the bees knees!

  2. OMG! It's Amitabh Bachchan
    By Katha Films LLC
    Can’t get enough of the legendary icon of Indian Cinema, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, the Shahenshah of India’s Hindi film industry? You can take the Big B fan meter challenge, a series of questions, that a true Bollywood fan would know!

  3. Bathroom Stall Vandalism
    By Michael Lubarsky and Anatoly Lubarsky
    Bathroom Stall Vandalism - BSV. Write anything you want in your own virtual bathroom. Leave writings ANONYMOUSLY on friends bathroom walls. It may be love letter, freestyle battles or whatever comes in mind just like in real life.

  4. My Dances
    By Janet Yan and Chris
    This application puts a box on your profile page that lets you display which dances you know and your own self-assessment for each dance! Happy Dancing!

  5. Burp Club
    By fiwuz
    The Burp Club lets you send a burp to your friends. Share your gas and have fun. See what the top smells are that people are burping so you can burp them too. Burpety Burpety Burp! Egg and garlic are some popular smells. Yum.

  6. Don't send me nationalist posts please
    By Dogukan Deniz
    this application aims to warn other people not to send you nationalist posts.

  7. I am Spartacus
    By Dave
    Join with your fellow facebook users and declare I AM SPARTACUS

  8. I love Cupcakes.
    By William Lee
    Do you love cupcakes? Do your friends love cupcakes? Give your friend a cupcake with this fun and delicious application!

  9. Which Olsen Twin Are You?
    By Katherine Barcsay and Tomas Lin
    Ever stayed up late at night wondering which Olsen Twin you are? Do you have the grace of an Ashley or the not-eating-ness of a Mary Kate? Find out in this very scientific and important quiz...

  10. Grenade Battle
    By Adam Cox
    Throw Grenades at your friends and blow them up. Start a Grenade Battle! Become a war hero. See who the top 10 Soldiers are. See who the top 10 Wounded are.


Anonymous said...

thanks for listing my app -
Bathroom Stall Vandalism

RT said...

Woo hoo! I built the Grenade Battle App!