Sunday, January 21, 2007

That Visa Commercial with the Flying Paperwork

So it's been about three months and VISA continues to play an advertisement called "Paperwork Forest." Every time I see it, my roommate and I try to guess who might be singing the song in the background.

I thought it might actually be Beck, but I've since figured out that it is someone named Chirstopher Faizi. Unfortunately the song was written for the commercial, so it is not available for download or purchase anywhere. Nor does Faizi have any other albums that I can find.

However, Faizi's MySpace profile has some of his other tracks available via a streaming radio. The songs actually sound pretty good. Check them out.


Unknown said...

Being a commercial-deprived TiVo user, I have no idea which commercial you're talking about. But I did go to the Faizi myspace and I like the music! Of course, I got in trouble with Carl for staying up too late ;-D

A.H. Rajani said...

there's a link to the advertisement itself in the first line of the post.