Friday, March 16, 2007

Remember Oak Tag?

Ah, oak tag, the artistic medium of choice for students K-8. I remember my mom got an entire box of 100 freaking sheets of this stuff for 11 bucks when I was in elementary school. More than 15 years later, there are still some blank sheets of it in my closet at home.

Oak tag, ladies and gentlemen, is terrible. Glossy one one side, matte on the other, and neither side particularly receptive to markers, pencils, or paints. If you rolled it up once, it would forever retain that shape and never unroll. It creased and tore very easily and any moisture ruined anything you were working on. Using an eraser would make the tiniest pencil mark into a graphite cloud.

For some reason, I think it'd be hilarious if a lawyer walked into court with a chart drawn on oak tag. I'd die of laughter if a lawyer brought it into the courtroom and struggled to keep it unrolled it in front of the jury.

Do people still use this stuff?

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