Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Updates: HP DV2000t Review

I've gotten quite a few hits because of my review of the HP notebook. A number of other forums have mentioned it, and a few people have brought up a few corrections (also addressed in the comments to the original post) that are worth mentioning separately:
  1. The notebook can and does read Sony's MemoryStick Pro, which is very convenient. Although inserting the memory into a slot that is twice its size is a bit nerve racking b/c you have no idea whether you are putting it in correctly or damaging anything important.
  2. The media remote controller does not slide into the PCMCIA slot, as there is no PCMCIA slot on this notebook (which is sort of surprising).


Anonymous said...

The remote control goes into the PC Express Card Slot on the left side of the laptop...

Diptesh said...

I have a HP pavilion dv2000 laptop and it was working ok for lst 2 years except a whole lot of heat and few times (8-10) crash. But in most of these cases I was able to recover using my recovery disks. This time however, after crash i restore but no luck .. That hardware is not obeying well .. it crash with blank screen just after reboot within 5-7 mins. After speaking with HP support it increased my frustration more .. I had my HDD crashed now and bought a new HDD. After several recovery attempts it still dont come up. Then with help of expert open up the laptop & blow out all disgust with compressed air. Although there was not much dust inside but still I dont know it will work or not. I am very very very very disgusted with HP. Their products are too heat producing (as they are not environment friendly also) and this has caused me a waste of 1000 USD of my investment. Shame on you HP .. Shame Shame Shame ... If you want to feel my frustration mail me at

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