Monday, July 25, 2005

Mobile Tips

Here are two quick tips regarding cell phone usage

Minute Counter

If you are wondering how many minutes you've used on your cell phone for your billing cycle, type #646 (#MIN) for a free text message of how many minutes you've used and of what type (peak, off peak, in network, weekend, etc.). This is much better than using the minute counter on your phone.

I would highly recommend programming #646 as one of your speed dial numbers for quick access. The minute text message feature definitely works for Verizon and T-Mobile, but I'm not sure about other service providers.


I can't stand waiting and typing in my password for my voice mail. This is very cumbersome especially when I am driving and want to check my messages. This tip will help you press and hold just one button to listen to your messages.

A world of caution, this is a much less secure way of listening to your messages. Anyone who gets ahold of your cell phone can check your messages. So, if you think this is too much of a security liability, then don't bother.

First, create a new entry in your phone book and set it as whatever speed dial you want, preferably a single digit on the outer rim of the number pad (so you can easily feel the key when you're not looking). Name the entry "Voicemail" and, assuming that you're voicemail password is 1234, enter the following string:


The "T" in the above string is not the letter "T" but a symbol for "long pause." This pause is available in all cell phones, just search through the options and it'll be there. Save the entry when you're done. After that, whenever you want to check your voicemail, hold down the speed dial number and you'll hear the prompt to enter in your password, just wait and the phone will enter it in for you. Enjoy.

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