Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Worst Commercial Ever

For the past six months, I've witnessed an ad campaign that makes me seriously re-examine the grasp advertisers have on reality. This ad comes from BRIDGESTONE, a tire manufacturer. Granted, I know it's hard to make a tire interesting and marketable, but let me tell you, this is not the way to do it.

The particular ad continues BRIDGESTONE's "Wheel Goes Round and Round" campaign. Previous commercials using this song have been very good actually, but now they've gone too far. This ad is an R&B version of the song and features the phoniest looking and sounding actor I have ever seen. He looks like he's made of plastic.

As bad as this commercial is, it makes me sadder to know that the song is based on a version of singer/songwriter Roseanne Cash's song "The Wheel." For those of you not familiar, Roseanne Cash is the daughter of country legend Johnny Cash.

After thirty seconds of atrocious choreography and tacky disco-Beyonce moves, the singer inexplicably reaches to his side and motions towards the camera as if he were flicking something at the audience. He threw a CD at the camera!

What the hell can this possibly mean? Why does someone who is selling me performance tires insist on flipping a compact disc at me like a frisbee?
Absolutely unbelievable.

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