Sunday, June 17, 2007

10 Bar Review Observations Through Week 5

  1. Thought I was great at Contract Law for three years of law school -- now thoroughly disillusioned.

  2. Rescue Me, Wednesday's at 10:00pm on FX. Clearly one of the best written shows on TV. I recommend buying the box sets of the first three seasons or, as the yougin's like to say, "putting it in your queue."

  3. Purchased a pair of 40LBS dumbells from Sports Authority -- now thoroughly disillusioned.

  4. Curious that I have yet to feel any sense of panic regarding my impending doom.

  5. Surprised to find that even though they dispatched my beloved Denver Nuggets in just five games, I still found myself rooting for the San Antonio Spurs against the Cavs.

  6. Amazed that a failing grade will get you a PASS on the California Bar Exam.

  7. Humbled by the fact that half the exam-takers in the state don't manage to get a high enough failing grade.

  8. Discovered that after a few days of not washing dishes, mugs that once contained "Milk Chocolate"-flavored Carnation Instant Breakfast mysteriously smell like peppermint.

  9. Wondered if I've now jinxed myself by mentioning #6.

  10. Contra #4, now feeling a slight sense of panic regarding this whole jinxing business.

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