Friday, June 22, 2007

Simulated BarBri Multistate Bar Exam 2007

So I took the Simulated Multistate Bar Examination today, which consists of 2 sets of 100 multiple choice questions that are spread out over 6 hours. The experience of sitting there for six hours isn't all that bad actually, and purposely staying away from water or any liquids didn't seem to affect my concentration one bit. I thought I was going to get a headache towards the beginning of the afternoon session, but it never came.

A few minor observations:
  1. I still hate writing with pencils;
  2. I may have to go to the art store and find a good eraser for D-Day because someone at Sanford thought it would be a great idea for an eraser to make your existing pencil marks even darker;
  3. During testing conditions, someone coughs or sneezes approximately once every 16 seconds;
  4. Subway sandwich during lunch was a very good idea;
  5. Found myself wondering more and more whether the "dirty tricks" or the "curveballs" BarBri and PMBR allegedly play with these questions are actually just a function of their poor and sloppy authorship;
  6. Man vs. Wild, All New Season -- Fridays at 9:00pm on Discovery. This show is freaking ridonkulous. Discovery Channel really has its act together.
  7. Still perturbed by Professor Michael Kaufman's Agency and Partnership lecture in which he insisted that for the purposes of tort liability, automobile brake repair constitutes an "ultrahazardous activity." So, if we're keeping track, that makes the list of ultrahazardous activities: (i) blasting; (ii) manufacturing explosives; (iii) pile driving; (iv) fumigation with cyanide; (v) nuclear energy; AND . . . (vi) automotive brake repair. Sounds fishy to me.
  8. Bought 40lbs dumbbells about two weeks ago, but couldn't really curl them. Broke down yesterday and bought a set of 30lbs as well, but discovered later that night that I could curl the 40lbs ones. Irony is great, but too fucking expensive.
  9. Students still fail to recognize that when you're walking into a narrow aisle to get to a seat, you can't turn from side to side if you still have your backpack on;
  10. Female student, not looking at all where she's going, knocked over a GIANT cup of soda belonging to someone else. After seeing that the owner was not at her seat--and seeing that ice spilled everywhere in the middle of the aisle, she ran away!

Apart from these minor observations, the other thing I noticed is that BarBri is starting to bug me a little. I realized it when they played this videotape this morning as an introduction to the Simulated MBE. I'm not sure who the guy was, but he started telling us how this exam we're taking is much harder than the real thing and that we shouldn't be discouraged by how poorly we were going to perform. What a pep talk!

And that's the problem -- I don't need a damn pep talk.

The only reason we ever need a pep talk is because of all this lame psychology BarBri feels is essential. They assigned us another practice exam earlier this week. On that one most people did pretty well. I assume this was to get us in the right mood to take this exam, which was significantly harder.

Its as if the real thing isn't good enough for them. They just can't just let us play and figure it out--they need to feel like a part of the game, altering the momentum here and there supposedly for our benefit. They're like NBA referees.

They wouldn't need to build up my confidence if they didn't fuck with it in the first place.


Anonymous said...

You sound like an ass.

Anonymous said...

No you don't. But the author of the last comment certainly is one.