Monday, July 30, 2007

40 Post-Bar Exam Hobbies (Updated)

So, I've had a few days of free time on my hands.

  1. Seek immediate dental care.
  2. Start fight club in Cupertino/Sunnyvale.
  3. Check happiness level of my Tamagotchi.
  4. Ignore the Bill Engvall Show.
  5. Figure out what aperature actually does on my camera.
  6. More Kafka!
  7. Find 2BR apartment in South Bay.
  8. Handle live poultry.
  9. Uninstall Windows Vista.
  10. Become blues harp afficionado.
  11. Locate a financial advisor.
  12. Collect comic books again.
  13. Write no more than 3 manifestos.
  14. File no more than 3 2 complaints with the ITC.
  15. Await October release of Call of Duty 4 for PC.
  16. Watch Kieslowski's The Decalogue.
  17. Toblerone-jenga.
  18. Roadtrip to Portland, OR.
  19. Buy business suits I won't use at the office.
  20. Everybody Loves Raymond.
  21. Contract ghiardia in Karachi.
  22. Learn Adobe Premiere.
  23. Initiate game of Scrabble through correspondence.
  24. Secretly begin drafting Edition 19 of The Bluebook.
  25. Night vision goggles.
  26. Allow Economist subscription to lapse.
  27. Sleight of hand.
  28. See Solaris again.
  29. Detail the Mazda.
  30. Spend accumulated Macy's giftcards.
  31. Resume personal vendetta against Steve Jobs.
  32. Throw playing cards at least 50 m.p.h.
  33. Learn how to iron shirts.
  34. Build a dragster with K'Nex.
  35. Buy a radar/lidar detector.
  36. Rename MP3s.
  37. Force myself to enjoy Sonic Youth.
  38. Purchase drafting table.
  39. Master night photography (also master regular photography).
  40. Re-learn patent law.


Unknown said...

You found a place? Cool. btw, we still get the Economist so you can read them until our subscription lapses :)

Patrick Bageant said...
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Anonymous said...

Night vision goggles are the them. ;-)

Great stuff....I hope you get a pair.