Monday, July 30, 2007

What The Hell Is Cat Power Doing Singing on a DeBeers Advertisement?

I was catching up on some TV last night and I came across this commercial for diamond jewelry. The unmistakable voice belongs to Cat Power (also known as Charlyn "Chan" Marshall), who generally has hauntingly beautiful lyrics to match.

This song is a cover of an old Cat Stevens song called "How Can I Tell You," which is a very good song in and of itself. Unfortunately, it appears that the cover was recorded for the commercial only, so it isn't available.

Now, I recall Cat Power doing a Cingulair commercial in the past, and that was jarring enough. But the diamond industry? Seriously? This seems out of place from a blues and indie artist who has crafted an image far far away from anything remotely close to the diamond industry.

Here's an MP3 available from Matador Records. It's the title song of her 2006 album called "The Greatest."

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