Monday, July 09, 2007

On Subtlety and BarBri

So today we're supposed to be taking a practice written exam for the CA Bar. It consists of three essays in the morning followed by another three hour session in the afternoon that consists of a performance exam.

I looked at my syllabus over the weekend and it suggested that I "Review Professional Responsibility, Community Property, and Wills & Trusts" the night before the practice exam. And what do you know? The three questions in the morning exam today were -- professional responsibility, wills, and community property.

Real subtle.

Is this yet another lame attempt at building our confidence?

Is there anything more unrealistic than studying the three exact subjects the night before the exam? If they were smart they would have asked you to study the material, but given you at least one or more realistically two questions from an unrelated subject.

The worst part is that--much like their practice MBE--their attempt at playing God only succeeds in wrecking my expectation of what the experience will be like. A practice exam should in theory give you a recreation of WHAT TO EXPECT on test day. Now, am I going to expect that I will have studied in depth the three essay subjects that night before the exam? Hell no.

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